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Selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan

Shioyu using the clean seawater of Mizukihama,

Smooths the skin,

It warms you from the core of your body

Please enjoy the original Kajime-yu.

| Bath |


| Room |


When you enter the room, it fills the window

180 ° panoramic ocean view.

The tide comfortably wraps you around.
Bring the sound of the waves back to BGM,
Please spend a relaxing time.


Using the best materials from off Hitachi,

A number of delicious dishes brought out to the maximum

We have prepared.

Local production for local consumption ... Carefully selected fresh ingredients,

We will entertain you with delicious food.

| Cooking |


| How to spend |

It became a new lifestyle,

Micro tourism, worcation, etc.

The way you enjoy your trip has also changed.

Here, starting from the hagiya

We will propose a new way to enjoy your trip.

Recommended little trip! Walk around Hitachi Seaside Park


Visit one of Japan's leading power spots

Mysterious energy heals you and makes you feel better!


Heals your body and mind,
Esthetic treatment with the sea.

Relax your mind and body with aroma and thalassotherapy.

Traffic access

■ By train / JR Joban Line Yu

  • Approximately 90 minutes from Ueno Station to "Omika Station" (using limited express Hitachi and Tokiwa) , 3 stops from Katsuta Station. About 5 minutes by taxi from Omika Station (fare around 910 yen), 25 minutes on foot

■ By car / Joban Expressway

  • About 90 minutes from Tokyo to "Hitachi Minami-Ota IC". 6km from the interchange exit. About 15 minutes. (Take National Highway No. 6 toward Hitachi City for about 4 km and turn right at the "Daihara Danchi Iriguchi" intersection. After about 2 km, go straight on National Highway No. 245 intersection and proceed from left to right at the end of the park.)

  • From the direction of Iwaki, get off at "Hitachi Kita IC" and it takes about 30 minutes. (Take National Highway No. 6 toward Mito, go through No. 6 Bypass, turn left at the end point, go to National Highway No. 245, about 7 km ahead, turn left from the "Hagiya Ryokan" sign, 400 m ahead)


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